Let's look at this realistically.

Tough questions for Hamiltonians to ask

I noticed a Sun News article: "Ontario minister defends $150-million loan to steel company that's now bankrupt". The first thought that occurred to me was: the Ontario Liberal government wasting millions of tax dollars is so common, it isn't "news". The second thought was that the article is a waste of paper and ink. Sun News is circulated, primarily, in Hogtown. Just a couple of months ago, voters in Hogtown were well aware the Ontario Liberal government had wasted BILLIONS yet re-elected them, anyway. The third thought was that the municipal elections are coming up and voters in Hamilton, who I think have more sense than those in Hogtown, may be able to have a little fun and, possibly, save a bit of money by asking their candidates some of the "tough questions" Paul Berton, at the Spec, claims to. A few suggestions, to get you started:

How much property, in the City of Hamilton, is owned by the Little Brothers of The Good Shepherd?

What is the total assessed value of that property?

How much was paid, in taxes, on that property in each of the last three years?

How much, in cash and "other consideration", has the City of Hamilton contributed or "loaned" to the Little Brothers of The Good Shepherd in each of the last three years?

Did the City of Hamilton contribute to the Little Brothers of The Good Shepherd's recent purchase of an island?

If so, what is the purpose of the island and how will it benefit Hamilton taxpayers?

If not, why in hell is the City of Hamilton giving tax dollars to a, supposed, "charitable" organization that can afford to buy a freaking island and does so rather than spending the money on whatever it is they're telling the City they need contributions for?

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