Let's look at this realistically.

Marilyn Taylor's List of Liberal Scandals

1 - Green Energy Act (20 billion)
2 - eHealth scandal (almost 2 billion)
3 - Gas plant scandal (1.1 billion theft and cover-up of our tax dollars)
4 - ORNGE scandal (700 million)
5 - Ontario Northland Railway scandal (820 million)
6 - Caledonia Hydro Line scandal (116 million)
7 - Lobbyist scandal (two multi-million dollar scandals)
8 - Eco-Fee Reversal scandal (18 million)
9 - CancerCare Ontario scandal (millions of dollars)
10 - Slush Fund scandal (32 million)
11 - Presto (Ade Olumide is tackling this in court and has dug up a web of deceit, lies and cover-up's that will cost us millions if not tens of millions)
12 - Niagara Falls Commission scandal
13 - Ontario Power Generation scandal
14 - Children's Aid Society scandal
15 - Nanticoke Coal Power Plant Shutdown scandal
16 - G20 Secretly Approved Police Power scandal
17 - Foreign Scholarships scandal (our students pay the highest tuition in Canada while foreign students get free university educations)
18 - Offshore Wind Turbines scandal
19 - Samsung scandal (sole-sourcing)
20 - Pan Am scandal (cost increase from 1.4 to 2.5 billion)
21 - MPAC scandal (over and under-valuation of properties)
22 - OLG scandal (millions of dollars)
23 - Closed down the only English agriculture college in Eastern Ontario while St. Albert Cheese received one million dollars in funding, which it didn't request, the day prior
24 - Chemotherapy Dosage scandal
25 - Payout for Pan Am CEO (250 million)
26 - Trillium Wind Power and Sky Power Limited lawsuit (500 million)
27 - Cement company lawsuit (275 million) — Quarry outside Hamilton was scuttled for political reasons
28 - School bus service lawsuit
29 - Augusta/Westland lawsuit as it pertains to ORNGE
30 - Elliot Lake Collapse lawsuits (two lives lost due to recovery delays)
31 - Ontario Medical Association lawsuits — applied to Superior Court alleging McGuinty not negotiating in "good faith"
32 - Breast Screening scandal (ensuing lawsuits due to thousands of misread mammograms, one life lost)
33 - Class-action lawsuit for autism funding cancellation
34 - Over 650 new agencies, boards, commissions and entities such as LHIN's and CCAC's
35 - Over 300,000 new public servants many of whom, are on the sunshine list
36 - Public sector employment in health care increased by 39%
37 - Public sector employment in social services increased by 39%
38 - Public sector employment in education increased by 34%
39 - Paying more Liberal taxes only to receive fewer services as taxes now being spent to pay the salaries and perks of newly-assigned, Liberal-friendly public servants
40 - Trades college a self-serving Liberal creation to reward union friends
41 - Gutted our manufacturing base (job growth across Canada except in Ontario)
42 - Almost one million Ontarians now out of work
43 - Increased spending by 80% while our economy grew by only 9%
44 - More than doubled our debt to 288 billion
45 - Running a 11.3 billion annual deficit — debt servicing costs will rise from 11.3 billion today to 14.5 billion once the debt exceeds 300 billion by 2017-18
46 - Interest payments on our debt now the third largest budget expenditure after health and education
47 - Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress Task Force found Green Energy Act grossly underestimated cost and overestimated number of jobs that would be created
48 - Tax collectors getting 45,000.00 severance packages for switching job titles from provincial to federal
49 - Two OPP criminal investigations underway — ORNGE scandal and gas plant scandal
50 - Pharmacy war
51 - Illegal green taxes
52 - Increased smart meter, electricity, hydro, tuition
53 - Raising car insurance costs to the highest in Canada
54 - Implemented tire tax, electronics tax, eco fee, health premium (tax), WSIB tax increase, HST, beer surtax
55 - Failing grade on ADHD education
56 - Ranking the lowest of all provinces for fiscal performance
57 - Delisting eye exams, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, diabetic strips, etc.
58 - Increasing wait time for cataract surgery
59 - No longer covered for eye exams yet taxpayers paying for sex changes
60 - Wait time for nursing home bed tripled
61 - Failure to disclose elevated radiation levels
62 - OES missed its collection and recycling targets by 59%
63 - Not correcting the foreign ownership of our beer market
64 - Acceptance of garbage striker extortion
65 - Harassing labour inspectors
66 - Kowtowing to green energy lobbies
67 - Imposing blood alcohol rules that punish people who are not impaired
68 - Public utilities donating to Liberals
69 - Voting to cover up the Niagara Parks Commission scandal
70 - Emergency room wait times not meeting provincial targets
71 - Put on notice by Standard and Poor, credit rating downgraded, under a very serious credit watch
72 - Have-not province for the first time in Canadian history
73 - Borrowing more debt than any province except NB
74 - Dramatic cuts in health care services in schools
75 - Nurses getting bonuses despite a wage freeze
76 - Insufficient senior homecare services
77 - Failing grade of Family Responsibility Office
78 - Abstained from vote to investigate CBC expenses
79 - Cash kickback scheme involving government cleaning contracts that ended with the conviction of Liberal officials
80 - Talked about a two-year freeze on wages for public sector while previously giving the OPP a 5% wage increase — the OPP received another raise of over 8% in January, 2014
81 - Energy now unaffordable yet we must pay Quebec and some north-eastern States to take our surplus energy
82 - Encouraging farmers to build small-scale solar projects but having no way to connect them to the power grid
83 - Laid up in US hospital beds as no beds available in Ontario
84 - Refusing public inquiry into G20 fiasco
85 - Giving those who hire only newcomers a 10,000.00 tax credit
86 - Third highest user of food banks
87 - Announced pay freezes knowing that 38,000 were getting a 3% salary increase after the election
88 - Hiding hospital errors from the public
89 - Teachers skipping classes to assist with anti-Conservative campaign
90 - Failing grade in northern forestry management
91 - Almost 40 C. difficile deaths to date
92 - Loss of 6,500 cancer patient health records
93 - Highest rent increase rate in years
94 - Ignoring evidence that wind turbines can cause poor health
95 - Workers at eHealth suing for not receiving bonuses
96 - Children pleading for life-saving medication that other provinces provide but Ontario doesn't (Liam, Maddi, Anya)
97 - Ontarians dying due to a lack of health care (Kim recently lost her life to brain cancer)
98 - Ontarians being denied eye care that other Ontarians have covered under OHIP (Liam)
99 - Millions wasted on questionable grants to multicultural groups, including 1 million to a cricket club which had asked for only 150,000.00
100 - Forced all-day childcare at an annual cost of 1.5 billion against Drummond's recommendation
101 - Electricity rates to rise 42% over five years — based upon Liberal proven lies and broken promises, rates will rise over 42%
102 - Prior loss of 60,000 jobs in the horse racing industry — now attempting to correct this
103 - Ring of Fire
104 - Muslims praying in our public funded school system while the Lord's prayer is banned
105 - A pedophile was developing the Liberal's sex education curriculum
106 - Millions spent to remove the "C" from OLG when Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation was changed to Ontario Lottery & Gaming
107 - McGuinty defunded Centre for Forensic Sciences, world-renowned for retrieving deleted computer files, two months before he resigned
108 - Millions spent to needlessly redesign our provincial logo
109 - Legal rights of Ontarians disregarded relative to the Caledonia-Mohawk matter
110 - Education minister signing off on documents that she doesn't even read
111 - Staggering increase in the Sunshine List
112 - Nanny-state banning of nearly everything
113 - Cancelling the mandatory LHIN review and giving their CEO's $15,000 raises
114 - Sneaking tax-dollars into Liberals campaign team coffers
115 - Wynne's brother-in-law appointed as 210,000/year interim eHealth CEO
116 - London CAS charged 1.4 million for false accusation and deleting documents
117 - David Peterson, brother-in-law of Deb Matthews, appointed Pan American Games organizing committee chair
118 - Wynne's wife owns 50% of a consulting company that gets government business — including Ministry of Health
119 - Numerous CAS problems identified by Provincial Auditor General include luxury vehicles, resort vacations, etc.
120 - Lack of oversight regarding how often babies die in unregulated child care
121 - Huge severance packages and bonuses paid out by taxpayer dollars
122 - Creation of the Ontario College of Trades
123 - AGCO decision disallows contract brewers like left field brewery at events that are licensed with a Special Occasion Permit (SOP)
124 - Drive Clean Program changed to cost more
125 - 21,000+ adults and children with developmental disabilities on wait lists
126 - Proposed hospital and winery grant to to win another by-election (fails)
127 - Minimum wage increase concerns
128 - 1.4 billion Windsor Parkway's serious safety flaws from substandard materials
129 - Mike Crawley awarded 456 million wind contract while Liberal Party president
130 - 2.5 billion lawsuit from cancellation of turbines of Scarborough shore which saved 2 Liberal seats and led to WTO ruling
131 - Mishandling of the outlaw of pit bulls
132 - 10.00 tax on tax increase on license plate stickers every year for the past 3 years
133 - Introduction of a "modest" 70% increase on the heavy truck licensing sticker fees
134 - Lack of provincial action regarding the Law Society of Upper Canada that does not protect the public from lawyers who steal from their clients
135 - Advising that 5.00 was more than enough to feed seniors in a nursing home every day
136 - 4 billion dollars taken from the debt retirement charge fund, thereby adding 5 more years to the payoff time
137 - As of 2014, the Liberals have eliminated moving expenses for Ontarians on disability
138 - Health Minister Deb Matthews blames doctors for nursing homes drugging residents at an alarming rate
139 - Working Families Coalition is another Liberal scam of epic proportions
140 - Wynne approved 317 million bailout to MaRS office building in downtown Toronto without the public's knowledge or the legislature's approval "after" she dissolved the legislature

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