Let's look at this realistically.

Mental Health Week In Review

As Mental Health Week draws to a close, I reflect on what's been accomplished.

I don't notice any increase in discussions about mental illness and the stigma still appears to be there. CMHA Peel staff continue to separate themselves from "members", "clients", "the riff raff" or whatever with locked, two inch thick steel doors and wear their panic alarms, when leaving secure areas. Most continue to wear their little, green lanyards; presumably, so as not to be confused with the "members", "clients", "the riff raff" or whatever. Some still use the patronizing, condescending tone that would cause the ignorant to think being stupid makes one, somehow, superior to those with a mental illness.

On the upside, CMHA Peel got a fair bit of exposure, which makes it appear that they're actually doing something helpful and should facilitate obtaining funding; put me in mind of a trade show.

I got a couple of the kisses, CMHA Peel was giving out, which, after the screwing they've given me, put me in mind of "after glow". Both, though, were disappointing and CMHA Peel giving their kisses to everyone brought a Bible passage to mind; Proverbs chapter five, verses three and four: "For the lips of a harlot...".

The most notable accomplishment, of the week, seems to be the addition of three brand new words to the English language:
phine ~ according to CMHA Peel, "phine is defined as saying you're fine when you aren't"
phoolish ~ "phoolish" is defined as: (1) making up an unnecessary word that's intended to be "cute" and isn't (2) using a homonym to indicate the opposite
halp ~ "halp" is defined as: (1) a claim to "help" without actually providing any; usually, made by organizations and agencies attempting to obtain funds for "helping"

I've been telling CMHA Peel, for years, that I am not "fine"; details here. What do you think? Does CMHA Peel "help" or do they "halp"?

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