Let's look at this realistically.

Why journalism doesn't matter

Ontario journalists are great at reporting historic abuses by governments. Any doubt of that ought to be dispelled by reviewing their coverage of Native residential schools and/or the Huronia Regional Centre.

What about current abuses, though? We'll pretend the media wasn't aware of the abuses mentioned, at the time they occurred. From the absence of reports, one would think that we live in a Utopia, where governments have stopped abusing people. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

In January, 2013, the Hamilton Spectator published an editorial, by Paul Berton, titled: "Why journalism matters". The editorial implies that journalism matters because journalists hold powers that be to account, presumably, for the benefit of society. In April, of this year, the Hamilton Spectator published an article, by Molly Hayes, titled: "The grim reality of homelessness". The article states that light has been shed on the barriers faced by homeless people. Both of these pieces prompted me to e-mail their respective authors. I've posted the text of the pieces HERE and the text of the e-mail exchanges HERE.

I expect any rational person, reviewing these, would come to the conclusion that journalism doesn't matter or that journalism matters very little and only to history buffs, part-time McMaster University students and the very few others who benefit from journalists' "attacks" on "soft targets".

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