Let's look at this realistically.

Our system of government

When I was young, I was taught that I lived in a "democracy", which came from two Greek words: "demos", meaning "people" and "kratos", meaning "rule" or rule/government of/by the people. I questioned this as it seemed obvious that the people didn't rule/govern. I was told, rather than an impractical "direct democracy", we had a "representative democracy". That those eligible and wishing to participate, nominated candidates and elected representatives to rule/govern, on their behalf. Having no interest in politics, this explanation satisfied me for some time.

Sadly, my blissful ignorance came to an end when I was reminded that we're legally a monarchy; now, a constitutional monarchy but a monarchy none the less. While our Prime Minister is usually the leader of the party holding the most seats in Parliament, that's by convention/tradition, By law, Her Majesty or the Governor General can appoint, pretty much, whoever they like or act as Prime Minister themselves; the Governor General's actually done so. Anyway, I ramble.

My point is that, based on my experiences, in depth review of relevant media and intensive research in select fields of law/politics, over the past few years, I believe I've gained a very clear and comprehensive understanding of our political system, on both the federal and provincial (so far as Ontario is concerned) levels. I'm convinced our political system ought to be renamed, to reflect the reality. I suggest: "proctocracy", from the Greek: "proktos", meaning "anuses" and "kratos", meaning "rule" or rule/government by assholes. Just my opinion, of course.

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