Let's look at this realistically.

"Never attribute to malice..."

The Star, Metro News and 24HRS Toronto have all published articles, to-day, 30 Apr., 2014, reporting on the situation of Madi Vanstone, the Ontario Liberals' latest victim in their undeclared war on common sense and decency.

The Metro News article reads, in part: Premier Kathleen Wynne promised Madi during a meeting last month that she would expedite a joint effort by the provinces to deal with the American manufacturer of Kalydeco to try and lower the price so it can be covered by medicare.

Premier Kathleen Wynne's promise isn't doing Madi any good; she needs the medication. The medication can be covered without the price being lowered. The fact that it, apparently, won't be covered without the price being lowered means only that Kathleen Wynne and Deb Matthews are using Madi Vanstone's life as a "bargaining point" in their negotiations with Vertex, the manufacturer.


Wynne told the legislature that Ontario cannot act alone and must work with the other provinces to try and save money on expensive new pharmaceuticals.

Ontario could act alone, in negotiating with Vertex, but it actually makes sense for all of the Provinces to negotiate as a "buying group". What doesn't make sense is bringing the other Provinces into getting Madi the medication she needs NOW!!! If the Government of Ontario can't manage that, on its own, we need to draft more competent candidates...I wonder if Rob Ford's interested; I bet Madi would have her drug if he were Premier.

On the up side, we now have an answer to the question of which is more important; saving money or saving the lives of children.

Think what you like about Rob Ford; at least, he didn't try to "stop the gravy train" by throwing children in front of it.


When I met with my colleagues from across the country a few weeks ago, we made it clear that this is not an issue just for Madi, that there are other children and other people in other parts of the country who need this drug to be covered, said Wynne. We need that deal.

Perhaps, the Ontario Government could do better if they broke the situation down into smaller, more easily manageable pieces and prioritized them.

Madi Vanstone needs the medication. Kathleen Wynne want...sorry, I meant to say: needs a lower price.

Madi Vanstone needs the medication NOW!!! Kathleen Wynne want...ooops...needs a lower price before the next Provincial election.

Madi Vanstone will die without the medication. Kathleen Wynne won't die without a lower price...other than politically. Getting a lower price isn't likely to prolong Wynne's political life but getting Madi the medication may.

The 24HRS Toronto article reads, in part: Health Minister Deb Matthews said...The Ontario government will fund the costly drug, but only at a fair price, she insisted.

What's a "fair price" for the life of a twelve year old girl, in Ontario? When did the Ontario Government start worrying about "fair"?

I would love this to have happened by now, Matthews said.

Not nearly as much as Madi Vanstone would "love this to have happened by now".

I'm encouraged that we're actually going to sit down at the table and have that conversation.

While Deb Matthews is "encouraged" and maybe even "actually going to sit down at the table and have that conversation", Madi Vanstone is discouraged and actually going to die. Madi Vanstone isn't in a position to do anything about the situation and is, unfortunately, forced to rely on those who are: Kathleen Wynne and Deb Matthews.

The Ontario Liberal Government seems to have plenty of money. Even if, for the sake of argument, we say Kathleen Wynne and Deb Matthews had no involvement in or prior knowledge of either of the Ontario Liberal Government's billion dollar fiascos, just Wynne's seventy-five million dollar "wine and grape strategy", in the recent Niagara buy...sorry, that should be "by" election, could've bought an awful lot of Kalydeco, even at full price, and, in my opinion, would've been better spent. Who could enjoy a glass of wine knowing a twelve year old girl died so they could have it? Anyway, that money's gone so let's look at other options.

Pay MLA's what they're worth, eliminate unnecessary perks and put them on a real-world pension plan.

Advise Vertex that their unconscionable profiteering is intolerable; especially, considering Kalydeco was developed, in large part, with charitable funds and volunteer effort. Pass legislation invalidating their copyright. Reverse engineer Kalydeco and provide it at low or no cost.

While I'd prefer either, here's one that doesn't require much thought, discussion, effort or "moral fiber". Several weeks ago, I advised Premier Wynne, by copy of e-mail messages, that the Brampton Ontario Disability Support Program Office was paying numerous taxi fares, unlawfully, as the criteria under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, relevant regulations, the Ontario Disability Support Program Director's guidelines and applicable case law weren't met. Also, that many of those receiving this "benefit" would not be entitled to it if the criteria were, otherwise, met. This money is being spent illegally with limited benefit to anyone and there are much less expensive options available. The amount would be more than sufficient to cover the cost of Kalydeco for Madi and, I imagine, several others.

Kathleen Wynne and Deb Matthews have both claimed they're in politics to "help" and expressed a desire to "help" Madi, in particular. Here's a simple, easy way, with no additional cost to the Province's taxpayers, that can be done.

Dumb and dumber

An article, published in 24hrs Toronto 29 Apr., 2014, titled "Ontario mom advocating for cancer drug dies", reads in part: "Fletcher met with Health Minister Deb Matthews, who could not offer her any help, saying only that the drug is funded for other cancers and that decisions such as these are made on the best medical evidence."


Matthews could've gotten Fletcher a lifetime supply of Avastin by making one two minute telephone call. More correctly, she wouldn't offer or give Fletcher any help.

The best medical evidence I've seen reports of is that the majority of terminal cancer patients survive longer with Avastin. Perhaps Ms Matthews would be good enough to tell us EXACTLY what "medical evidence" she based the decision to allow Kimm Fletcher to die, without making any effort to help prolong her life, on?

Apparently, Ms Matthews doesn't see it as a problem that her decisions, based on this supposed "medical evidence" and reliance on the supposed "experts", referred to in the Star article, are harming and killing people.

The dumbest thing I've seen to-day

An article, published in the Toronto Star 28 Apr., 2014, titled "Milton mother who fought for cancer drug dies", reads in part: "(Deb) Matthews said she was saddened to hear of Fletcher's death, but maintained that guidelines for drugs must be followed.".

What a crock!

Matthews and her accomp...sorry, I meant to say "colleagues" have been totally apathetic to their bulli...sorry, I meant to say "blackshi" "bureaucrats"...ya, that's it; Matthews and her "colleagues" have been totally apathetic to their "bureaucrats" not following the LAW; I'm sure...hopeful...willing to believe no MLA's disobeyed the law. Anyway, she, now, has the nerve, gall, audacity, chutzpah to tell us that "guidelines" must be followed at the expense of people's lives.
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